Pay off credit card debt faster

These tips can help get you back into the black—and stay there

Pay on time and pay more than the minimum

Late payments result in fees and add to your overall debt. Paying on time and including a bit extra every month reduces your balance and interest owed.

Focus on paying off one card at a time

Credit card debt can seem insurmountable—but you can get there with the right strategy. To start, focus on one debt at a time (while still paying the minimum on every card).

Pick a plan and stick to it

The high-rate method

One strategy—known as the high-rate method—entails paying down your debt with the highest interest rates first.

Pick a plan and stick to it

The snowball method

Or start small: Knock out the card you owe the least on, and work your way up to larger debts.

Consolidate debt where you can

Transferring card balances from higher-interest cards to a lower-interest card may save money and help you pay down debt faster, but there may be transfer fees—read the fine print!

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Track your progress

Knowing how close you are to paying it off feels great and motivates you to keep going!

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