See the big picture

  • Quickly review your spending across automatically-organized categories
  • See your spending by category
  • Easily compare your income against your spending
Image of a phone displaying the Spending & Budgeting tool.

Dig in and make a plan

  • Review the transaction breakdown within each category
  • Get a monthly spending overview and easily spot trends
  • Set a budget within each category and track your progress
Image of a phone displaying the Spending & Budgeting tool.

Thousands of thumbs up

We’re helping people make better financial decisions every day. Over the course of a year1:

1 out of 4

people increased their savings by 20% or more.

1 out of 3

people increased their checking balance by 20% or more.

1 out of 7

people reduced their credit balance by 20% or more.

I LOVE this feature, thanks for adding! It's a helpful way to take an honest look at where I'm spending money and where I can save. It's satisfying to see my monthly spending go down when I put effort toward saving. Love to look at this throughout the month to see where I'm pacing. THANKS!

To know where my money is going is helping me a lot to control better where and when to spend my money. The fact that now I am more aware of where every dollar goes, is helping me get rid of debts in more educated way. Thank you so much for this added value to my finances.

This information is very helpful to me. I appreciate the ease of using and understanding the format and content. Information is most useful to someone on fixed income because it tells me where I need to cut back and where I can spend without going into unnecessary debt. Thank you BoA.

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  1. Represents Bank of America Consumer households for entire 12-months under study who used the Saving and Budgeting Tool during March 2017. Analysis based on average balances for the 6 months prior to March 2017 (“pre” period) and the 6 months after March 2017 (“post” period).