Setting goals is just the first step. This exercise can help you stay the course. 

Hello “Future Me”:

A visualization technique to stick to your financial goals

Visualization helps align our subconscious with our goals. By envisioning yourself reaching your goal, you can “hack” your mind into success. 

The exercise: Picture your financial success

It may feel odd, but writing a letter (digital or hand-written) to your future self on the day you achieved your goal helps you harness the power of visualization to boost motivation. Here’s how it works:

How? Write a letter to your future self 

“Dear Future Me, I am writing to congratulate you...”

Applying specifics to your goal gives you benchmarks to track toward and helps to hold you accountable.

Set a specific goal

What steps do you assume you took to reach your goal? 

Determine how you’ll reach this goal

What challenges do you assume you’ll have to overcome along the way? 

Prepare for obstacles

Now, imagine how you feel when you reach the goal. How do you feel about your financial situation?

Visualize success

After writing your letter visualize the consequences of not meeting your goal. While it can be painful, this too can be a strong motivator for reaching your goal.

Consider the flip side

Let this exercise spur you to success!

Take these letters out and read them when you need motivation to stay the course.

Use tool, 3 mins

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Explore visual story, 2 mins

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