Just starting out? How you compare with others like you

Ever wonder how other people make it on entry-level salaries or how they choose to spend their precious cash? Here’s a snapshot of where your peers’ money goes.

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Median annual income for those under age 35


Median annual income in the U.S.

Source: Federal Reserve Survey of Consumer Finances, released in 2014


Average student loan debt in 2014: $33,000

42% of those under 35 had student loan debt in 2014

Average Millennial credit card debt is $2,682 Compare that with the average Gen X/Baby Boomer credit card debt: $5,000+

Sources: Harvard University, National Center for Education Statistics, Experian


Median age Millennial workers started investing for retirement: 22

Age Gen Xers started: 27

Non-retirement Millennial savings:

33% are saving for vacation

20% are saving for a car

32% are saving for a home

Sources: Transamerica, USA Today / Better Money Habits Millennial Fall 2014 Report

Home buying

What do Millennial homebuyers look like? They are 29 years old, make $76,900 and the home costs $189,900


Average home price in the U.S.

Sources: U.S. Census, National Association of Realtors



What those under 35 spend eating out each week

Compare with:


What Baby Boomers spend each week

That’s 43% of Millennials’ food budget, compared with 37% for Boomers.

Source: The Food Institute


Millennials accounted for 27% of new car sales in 2014. That’s up from 18% in 2010.

Source: JD Power & Associates


Millennial money spent on media content: $62 billion per year or $750/person. Most of that goes toward services and hardware, like smartphones and tablets, which allow them to stream and view online content.

Source: Deloitte


78% of Millennials say they prefer to spend money on experiences instead of material goods.

Source: Eventbrite

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