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Spending: How do you stack up?

Life is pricey, no doubt. We all have expenses we face month in and month out: mortgage or rent, cable and internet service, the day care bill. So how might your expenses compare with everyone else’s? Here’s a snapshot of some of the ways Americans are spending their cash.



Average total monthly cost for housing, including property taxes if applicable


Average down payment for homes nationwide in the first quarter of 2015


Average portion of total income that a married couple spends on housing

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, RealtyTrac

Median national rent in 2015: $1,380

San Francisco, CA


Boston, MA


Denver, CO


Houston, TX


Tampa, FL


Akron, OH


Source: Zillow; city numbers are from January 2016 and refer to all rental homes in the metro area




Total monthly transportation spending (including car or public transportation, gas, insurance and other related expenses)


Average new car loan payment


Expected monthly spending on gas per household in 2016


Average monthly insurance cost for a midsize sedan

Sources: BLS, Edmunds, U.S. Energy Information Administration, AAA

$ Gas Prices





Source: AAA as of February 29, 2016

Health care

Health care

Average monthly workplace insurance premiums for family coverageincreased 61% from 907 dollars in 2005 to 1462 dollars in 2015.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, numbers account for combined contribution of employer and worker

Child care

Child care


Average monthly cost per child for full-time infant day care in Mississippi, the least expensive state


Cost in Massachusetts, the most expensive state

Source: Child Care Aware America

Other things we spend on each month

Other things we spend on each month


A “moderate” bill for a couple for food consumed at home


Average contribution to charity


Average amount Americans spend on entertainment


Average cable bill

Source: USDA, Indiana University Center of Philanthropy, BLS, Leichtman Research

Want to rein in your spending or get a handle on money management? Learn more about the steps to better money habits and come up with a budget that works.

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