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The 5 most important financial lessons for teens

Parents with teenagers know nothing comes easy, including money management. But with young adults facing mounting levels of student loans and credit card debt, building a strong financial foundation early on is more important than ever. Learn how teens tend to spend and save, and consider teaching them age-appropriate money habits that can last a lifetime.

2. Understand the benefits of saving

Most teens save their money, and by putting a little away each month that can grow into big savings over time.

Saving $25 a month Saving $50 a month
1 year $300 $600
5 years $1,500 $3,000
10 years $3,000 $6,000

Note: Numbers do not account for inflation or any account interest.

4. Establish good credit

Help your teen understand the risks and responsibilities that come with using credit cards and avoid stacking up debt in the future.

Sources:, Experian

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