Financial advice for students, with help from a former student

Mandy Pan, Camp Better Money Habits graduate, helped us with a list of tips she wishes she had before attending college. (Paid Relationship with Bank of America)

Students: How to spot 6 common scams

Scammers know students often have hectic schedules and may be new to money management, making them an ideal target. Here’s what you need to know about six of the top scams that target students.

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Seeking financial aid? What you need to know about the FAFSA

Nearly every U.S. college and university uses one financial aid form. Here are 6 key things you need to know before you fill it out.

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Start smart with your first credit card

Your first credit card can help you build credit and borrow money in the future. Here are 7 steps to making the most of your first credit card.

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What is a credit score and how is it calculated?

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What is the difference between checking and savings accounts?

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Your bank account: 10 questions to ask

No-fee or low-cost account? Is there a transfer fee? These 10 questions can help determine if your bank account is best suited to your needs.

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How to save money every day

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International student? Why you should open a U.S. bank account

College-related expenses can quickly add up, especially if you’re using a foreign bank account. Learn how opening a U.S. bank account can help you save money and make it easier to manage your finances.

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International Students: set yourself up for U.S. banking success

Getting your finances in order can help you make a smoother adjustment to university life. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to open a U.S. bank account, get a credit card and protect your personal information.

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Creating a budget

A personal budget can help you take control of your spending and saving. This template can help you get started to help reach your short- or long-term goals.

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