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How to dispute a credit card charge

Whether you were double-billed, overbilled or charged for something you didn’t buy, it’s important to know what actions to take

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If you see an error on your credit card bill, chances are it’s just a mistake. Cases of fraud—when someone steals your card number and makes unauthorized charges—are far less common than simple human error. Still, if you wait too long to file a dispute, you could be on the hook for charges you never made. Follow these steps to dispute a charge:

5 common credit card errors

It’s important to check your credit card statement every month for unfamiliar charges and fees. Here are a few errors to look for:

Charges for items or services you did not purchase

Charges that list the wrong date or amount

More than one charge for an item or service

Charges for purchases you never received or didn’t accept at delivery

Payments, returns and other credits that weren’t posted to your account

Quick tip

Check with your bank or credit card provider to see if you can set up alerts for unusual activity or receive notifications for charges over a certain dollar amount.

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