Worksheet: Save for a home

Use this worksheet to figure out how much you need to save for a home and see how long it will take

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Worksheet: Save for a home

Use this worksheet to figure out how much you need to save for a home and see how long it will take

Figure out how much you’ll need to save

First, work out how much home you can comfortably afford. Online calculators(Link can help you figure this out.

Estimate the down payment. If you have 20% of the home price, you won’t need to pay for private mortgage insurance. Multiply the home price by .2 to figure this amount.

Closing costs are usually 2–5% of the home price, so multiply by .05. You can also use Bank of America’s Closing Costs Calculator(Link to help you estimate.

Estimate your monthly mortgage payment. Bank of America’s monthly mortgage payment calculator(Link can help.

Estimate your property taxes and homeowners insurance. You may be able to use the seller’s current bill as a guide.

Think about any extra costs such as new appliances, furniture or maintenance work. Include your expected moving costs.

Add the numbers from steps 1–5 to figure out what you need to save.

Start budgeting to reach your goal

Look at your budget to see how much you save each month. From there, figure out how long it will take you to reach your goal.

Monthly budget

Note your monthly net income, then log your expenses and how much you save.

Monthly net income


Personal debt



Health care

Long-term savings




Pet care


Travel and entertainment

Personal care


Monthly savings*

*Input this number in the time frame equation below.

Time frame

(Your home savings goal minus Any current savings) ÷ Monthly savings = Months until savings goal

If you want to reach your goal sooner, look at your monthly budget to figure out where you can cut back spending(Link: Ways to save on your monthly bills) in order to save more.

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