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Taxes & Income

You work hard, so it's important to understand how taxes affect income. See what makes a paycheck and be prepared for tax season.

You work hard, so it's important to understand how taxes affect income. See what makes a paycheck and be prepared for tax season.

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Your tax bracket explained

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What to do with your tax refund: 9 simple ideas

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Changing jobs

A new job means new financial changes. Consider these four things to help the transition from one employer to the next.

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Guide to your paycheck

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How will marriage affect your taxes?

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Beyond salary: Benefits may matter more than you think

There’s more to your job than salary. Learn how benefits can help lower your tax bill and even earn you a refund.

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5 key tax questions to ask if you're self-employed

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Tax benefits for homeowners

Learn about the common tax breaks that may help reduce your tax bill and increase your refund.

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Tax planning when you work part-time

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Doing what you love Watch video

6 steps for 20-something tax filers

Whether this is your first time filing your taxes or your fifth, following 6 simple steps can help you avoid mistakes...

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8 tax deductions and credits to save you more money

Don’t leave money on the table at tax season. Consider these 8 common strategies to help you lower your taxes.

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Your guide to key tax terms

Knowing tax vocabulary can make filling out the paperwork less intimidating when it’s time to file. Check out 6 key terms that can help you make sense of it all.

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New job? Make the most of your employee benefits

New jobs mean big changes, but it’s important to remember the basics. These 4 details can help in your workplace transition.

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Documents you need to do your taxes

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Anatomy of a paycheck Watch video
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5 ways civilian and military pay are different

Understanding 5 key differences between your civilian paycheck and your LES can reduce the likelihood of surprises — and help you pick the job that’s best for you.

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Tax time: Should you itemize deductions?

As you prepare your tax return, you may wonder: Should I itemize deductions? Before you get started, check out these 4 questions to see if itemizing deductions is right for you.

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Where will I get health insurance?

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How to earn money from a hobby or skill

Could you make a profit doing something you love? Get smart tips on converting your hobby into a moneymaker that could supplement your primary source of income.

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Is the Form 1040EZ right for me?

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What former military members need to know about taxes

Transitioning from time in the service to civilian life means different tax rules. Here are 5 things you need to know to avoid surprises.

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Want to claim the Earned Income Credit?

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Estate planning in a digital world

Learn how to keep your assets accessible, organized and secure in 4 steps for the digital age.

Understanding the Earned Income Credit Watch video

Financial tips for women facing a career pause

If you’re planning a career break, these six financial tips can help you prepare for temporary workplace leave.

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Revisiting your finances after a raise, promotion or windfall

Coming into some extra money can be a good time to revisit your finances. See how a little planning can make a big difference.

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Negotiating salary: Get paid what you’re worth

Negotiating your first salary can be intimidating. These do’s and don’ts of offers can help you start off strong.

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Your pain-free guide to health insurance

This pain-free guide covers the basics you need to pick a health insurance plan that won’t break the bank.

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