How to boost your credit score

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Here are a few credit-related habits to help you improve your credit score:

Do: Keep your balances manageable and under your credit limit.

Don’t: Exceed the limits on your credit card accounts.

Do: Make your credit payments on time every month, including loans, utilities and mortgage payments.

Don’t: Miss a credit payment or fail to pay at least the minimum amount due.

Do: Keep credit accounts that you’ve historically paid on time.

Don’t: Apply for a lot of credit accounts in a short period of time.

Do: Check your credit report once a year for accuracy.

Don’t: File for bankruptcy or get your credit account turned over to a collection agency.


Avoiding late payments
Set up payment reminders with your accounts so you never accidentally miss a due date

What does your credit score say to lenders?*

Anything above 700 is more attractive to lenders.

Anything under 620 could make it harder to get a mortgage.


Very good




*These are general estimates of categories. Different lenders may have different standards for categories.

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