Tips to save money

Saving thousands of dollars in a year can seem daunting, but it’s easier than you may think. There are easy ways to save money—for example, trimming small daily expenses—that can help you make significant contributions to your savings account. Below are some money-saving tips to help you start saving for your financial goals.

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$2,631 That’s the amount you could save in one year with better spending habits!

Daily choices

Based on a five-day work week

Buy coffee $2.70 daily cost vs. Brew coffee at home $0.17 daily cost

Did you know? The world’s most expensive cup of coffee costs $90 per cup.

You could save $12.65 weekly $657.80 yearly.

Source: Square, AOL, Yahoo! News

Buy a newspaper $1.00 daily cost vs. get a digital subscription $0.62 daily cost

Did you know? Of the people who read newspapers, 51% read them exclusively in print form. You could save $1.90 weekly $98.80 yearly

Source: Nieman Foundation, Nielsen Scarborough

Buy lunch $11.00 daily cost vs. Pack lunch $6.30 daily cost

Did you know? In 2014, Americans spent more money eating out than eating at home for the first time.

You could save $23.50 weekly $1,222.00 yearly.

Source: Visa, USDA

Buy snack from the vending machine $1.29 daily cost vs. Pack a snack $0.65 daily cost

Did you know? Chips are the most popular snack food in North America; globally, chocolate is the top choice.

You could save $3.20 weekly $166.40 yearly

Source: VendScreen, Numbeo, Nielsen

Run at the gym $1.87 daily cost vs. Run park trails $0.00 daily cost

Did you know? There are 54 million people in the United States who pay for a monthly gym membership; however, 67% of them never use it.

You could save $9.35 weekly $486.20 yearly

Source:, International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association

Where can you put your savings?

Save for tomorrow

Contribute to a nest egg

Get prepared

Build an emergency fund

Have some fun

Take a vacation

If starting with these small ways to save money has you looking for more creative ways to save, check out our video about saving on your monthly bills. And if you need help figuring out where to put your savings, we put together a look at which savings accounts may work best for all of your different goals. Just remember, whatever you choose to do with the money you’ve saved, learning how to budget effectively and save money when you need to can set up good financial habits for the long haul.

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